вторник, 8 декабря 2009 г.

StrongDC 2.31 sqlite r3294


* обновлен sqlite до версии 3.6.21

Changes associated with this release include the following:
  • The SQL output resulting from sqlite3_trace() is now modified to include the values of bound parameters.
  • Performance optimizations targetting a specific use case from a single high-profile user of SQLite. A 12% reduction in the number of CPU operations is achieved (as measured by valgrind). Actual performance improvements in practice may vary depending on workload. Changes include:
    • The ifnull() and coalesce() SQL functions are now implemented using in-line VDBE code rather than calling external functions, so that unused arguments need never be evaluated.
    • The substr() SQL function does not bother to measure the length its entire input string if it is only computing a prefix
    • Unnecessary OP_IsNull, OP_Affinity, and OP_MustBeInt VDBE opcodes are suppressed
    • Various code refactorizations for performance
  • The FTS3 extension has undergone a major rework and cleanup. New FTS3 documentation is now available.
  • The SQLITE_SECURE_DELETE compile-time option fixed to make sure that content is deleted even when the truncate optimization applies.
  • Improvements to "dot-command" handling in the Command Line Interface.
  • Other minor bug fixes and documentation enhancements.

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