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StrongDC++ 2.43 sqlite r7867



* Обновление базы данных провайдеров
   Сборка на базе 20110814-1125, создана 14.08.2011 06:46 +0600
   Итого в базе:
    - Провайдеров - 1341
    - Провайдерских лого - 1358
    - Диапазонов адресов - 5489
   Archive CustomLocations.rar created by LazyBadger
# PVS Studio V805 Decreased performance. It is inefficient to identify an empty string by using 'wcslen(str) > 0' construct. A more efficient way is to check: str[0] != '\0'.
* PVS Studio V806. Decreased performance. The expression of strlen(MyStr.c_str()) kind can be rewritten as MyStr.length()
* PVS-Studio V803 Decreased performance. In case 'Order' is iterator it's more effective to use prefix form of increment. Replace iterator++ with ++iterator.
* [merge] StrongDC++ svn574 updated miniupnpc and natpmp
* [merge] Временно отключил IP Guard (IP6)
* [merge] svn573 implemented dual-stack IPv6 sockets (IPv6 should work 100%; systems without dual-stack are not supported)
 - fixed WinUPnP
 - added NAT-PMP
 - COM initialized to be multithreaded to WinUPnP to work correctly (I hope this doesn't break other things)
 - removed sharing of files in finished list - this can be controlled with option "Keep finished files in queue" now
 - fixed query in HTTP requests
 - fixed DHT and active mode in favorite hubs when connectivity manager fails to map ports

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