пятница, 6 августа 2010 г.

FlylinkDC++ r500 alpha73

SQLite Release On 2010 August 4 (
Changes associated with this release include the following:
    * Fix a potential database corruption problem that can result if the same
database file is alternately written by version 3.7.0 and See ticket
[51ae9cad31] for details.
    * Fix a possible performance regression caused by the introduction of
automatic indexing.

Обновлена база данных провайдеров:
Сборка на базе 20100805-r986, создана 05.08.2010 21:28 +0600 by LazyBadger
Итого в базе:
* провайдеров - 1224
* провайдерских лого - 1250
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