воскресенье, 14 февраля 2010 г.

StrongDC 2.31 sqlite r3599-beta



Слияние с StrongDC++ svn482
  • removed TestSUR check, because it is unuseful nowadays
  • reorganised user report text
  • NMDC tag's L-part displayed in Connection column
  • fake detector functions moved from ClientManager to its own header
  • updated copyright years
Вероятно, скоро релиз StrongDC++ 2.31 bigmuscle в svn482 поменял changelog-en.txt

-- StrongDC++ 2.31 --

* the first 64-bit release
* merged with DC++ BZR
* added possibility of passive-passive connections
* many DHT fixed and optimizations
* implemented DHT packets encryption
* crash fixes
* added some missing country flags (THX RadoX)
* hopefully fixed UTF-8 in magnet links (FlyLinkDC++)
* added hub address into queue context menu
* changed default hublists
* updated OpenSSL, Boost, WTL libraries
* added favourite hubs groups
* bandwidth limiter optimizations
* chat optimizations (THX Crise)
* look adopted to Windows native theme
* language file name now accepts path relative to strongdc.exe directory
* many other fixes, changes etc. see developer changelog
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