вторник, 2 февраля 2010 г.

StrongDC 2.31 sqlite r3534-beta




Слияние с StrongDC++ svn479

** svn479
fixed freezing with certain queues
[DHT] display slots count for search results
[DHT] default search results's file name is set to TTH
DC++ BZR merge
[DHT] fixed node disconnecting (it should fix last seen in favusers)
made user commands box multiline to allow line endings (ctrl+enter) for ADC cmds

** svn478
[DHT] nodes count in response is based on search type (it should save some bandwidth)
[DHT] sending more pings at once to allow faster detection of dead nodes and verification
returned REUSE_ADDR into ConnectionManager to avoid used ports after crash
[DHT] rewritten procedure to add nodes into routing table
[DHT] fixed UDP key
don't disconnect when NAT traversal attempt fails (needs to be tested)
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