понедельник, 31 августа 2009 г.

StrongDC 2.30 sqlite r2575



Базируется на релизе:

-- StrongDC++ 2.30 --

* fixed upload connection tokens (grant extra slot, upload queue etc.)
* added cheating string for old clients
* get full list when partial one is not available
* fix round-off issue when segmented downloads are disabled (DC++ BZR)
* fix crash on too many connections (DC++ BZR)
* fixed slots info in ADC hubs
* fixed info update on limiter change from toolbar
* improved manual searching for something planned for autosearch
* using OpenSSL with disabled TLS extension
* better hub detection for client-to-client connections
* hopefully fixed extra slot issues
* upload queue position and TLS connections are enabled in spite of stealth mode
* implemented DHT search engine
* rewritten bandwidth limiter
* some other changes, fixes, memory optimizations etc.
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