среда, 16 июля 2008 г.

StrongDC++ 2.21 (release) sqlite r338


** svn409
fixed fix for transferview :-)

** svn408
CDM fix (adrian_007)
forgot to commit transferview patch

** svn407
used __cdecl for Release
fixed blinking single download items
updated OpenSSL

** svn406
completely fixed passive flag
hopefully fixed getting nicks in reconnected PMs
fixed download chunked flag
revert old code for loading obsolete .antifrag files
CTM spam control in ADC hubs

** svn405
webserver respects search interval
fixed searching through webserver
another changes about OnlineUser
playing with anti-flood constants

** svn404
other changes to SSLSocket (DC++ BZR)
try to fix crashes around OnlineUser/Identity
included x86 OpenSSL debug libraries
removed x64 OpenSSL libraries - x86 libs will be removed too and users will have to compile it on their own
CDM fix (adrian_007)
removed obsolete garbage commands
fixed SSL threading issues

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